Copiers had been a staple piece of equipment in an office environment. More and more businesses are requiring their offices to have a copier. And now it boils down to a question of whether to get a lease or buy it.

There is still a big debate whether a business should rent and have a lease or own the equipment. If you are one of the people that are looking for someone to convince you, this article is for you!

This article talks about four big benefits of office copier leasing. Read to find out more.

1. Leasing is Cheap

Copier lease is cheaper than ever and some factors explain why.

One reason is that the copiers had a significant drop in the market price. Some copier brands are now releasing copiers that have a reasonable price but of quality. These will be the copiers that lessors will use to rent it to you. Because of that, the leasing price offered to you will decrease as well.

Another factor is the total local competition of rent and leasing companies. It is often regarded that price is one of the most effective marketing tools. If the competition is tight, then expect a lower leasing price within your vicinity.

All help in lowering the price of a copier lease. Copier leases are cheaper than purchasing your own. This is a good incentive for starting businesses to rent themselves one. Their low capital is what keeps them from buying their own set of printers.

2. Equipment’s Depreciation

“If copiers are getting cheaper by the minute, can’t you buy a copier that is affordable on my budget instead?” It turns out that the copier’s market price isn’t the only expense you’ll have to pay.

All equipment after the first use depreciates. Because of continuous use, all equipment wear down their useful life. Even in bookkeeping, you incur the depreciation expense until it zeroes out in value. Owning a piece of equipment is nice until the machine depreciates a hundred percent. Its depreciation is evident as you’ll be needing more repairs and maintenance. Soon, you’ll be paying more for repairs than the machine’s original price.

You also need to watch out for any machine breakdowns during business operations. Have you considered the losses that you’ll incur because your business halted? What if that copier is a crucial element in your business operation?

Are you trying to sell your depreciated equipment? It’s gonna be expensive. You’ll incur costs in efforts as much as you incur unnecessary expenses for you to sell it.

With copier leasing services, you don’t need to worry about those. It’s not your copier anyway, so why bother about the depreciation anyway? Selling off that machine won’t be a bother to you; it’s not yours anyway, so why bother?

Most copier leasing comes with a maintenance service with their product. It’s free, so you’ll be incurring fewer expenses for repairs. On top of that, most leasing services bring their clients a quality copier. All devices subjected to full depreciation are immediately disposed of.

3. Affordable Premium

Copier leasing services will always sway their customers into subscribing to a lease. One way to market themselves is by giving you a huge array of premium copiers that is within your budget range. For a low price, you can enjoy a premium copier product. Unlike renting, you need to have a burst of funds to buy the product before you can enjoy its specs.

4. Subject to Sudden Change

Expect that your business operation is not constant throughout the whole year. There are times where the demands are far different from your expectations. There are also times where you need specifics to carry out your operations. You’ll also be expanding your business sooner or later. Last but not least, is the possibility of transferring operating business location. What if you need your business to transfer to Nebraska?

All need a sudden change in device. Only in leasing services can you cancel, upgrade, and downgrade your terms and equipment. It is also convenient to cancel the contract of the lease and find a new copier leasing in Nebraska.

The debate of renting versus purchasing is far from over. This article also does not seek to finish the said debate. The benefits listed above prove that renting is far more beneficial to businesses. So if you live in Nebraska, you should seek copier leasing services in Nebraska to rent your copier now.

If you plan to get copiers for your Nebraska office, you can opt to buy copiers or lease copiers in Nebraska. We can give you options for getting the copy machine that you want. You can contact our local copier leasing services department in your location.

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