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How Long Does Laser Toner Last?

Because of the evolution of technology, print users now need to consider many factors in purchasing a printer—especially the cartridges of ink and toner. Initially, ink and toner produce images in materials with color and clarity. However, they differ in some factors. Also, their long-term capacity varies from their brand and how you often print documents. Thus, it is essential to note that cartridges may last long or not. But typically, how long do they last, especially the laser toner?

Difference between ink and toner cartridges

Ink cartridges are usually in liquid form and are mainly compatible with inkjet printers. Most of the time, this is in small offices or homes and can barely print limited documents. Fortunately, ink cartridges are inexpensive. On the other hand, toner cartridges contain a powder commonly compatible with laser printers. Generally, large offices use this to print documents more quickly and in clarity. The laser toner usually brings more detail and clear prints than the ink which is typically prone to smudges. Moreover, it may be more expensive than ink, but it can last for a long time.

Tips on how to make it last forever

Printing heavy tasks in your printers has a considerable effect on the life of cartridges. The more you print images on a page, the more the laser toner can run out quickly. However, if you print documents with few lines of text, the laser toner may last longer. Generally, the life of the toner depends on how often you print and use the printer. The regular you print, the more chance for the toner to empty quickly. Fortunately, here are some ways to make it last forever.

Clean the printer regularly

Making a habit of cleaning the printer every day will likely have a positive impact on the printer as a whole and the toner. The cleaning will indeed extend the life of the toner and the printer. 

Set the Mode

Another secret to making your toner cartridges longer is changing the print mode of your printer. With this, choose the options that require less toner. And save the highest quality settings for the final documents.

Choose the high-yield cartridges. 

Suppose you’re having thoughts about what to buy between regular and high-yield cartridges. If this is the case, choose and spend your money on the high-yield cartridges because it will ensure you that they will last longer than the regular ones. It might be expensive at first, but you will surely reap the benefits for a more extended range. Furthermore, manufacturers of the printer pack more toner dust in the hoppers of high-yield cartridges, and that means you’ll obtain more pages per cartridge and spend less per page in the long run.

Shake your toner cartridges

Sometimes, shaking the toner cartridges might help to make the life of the toner longer. To do this, carefully remove the toner cartridge first, give it a good shake, and return it afterward.


The toner cartridges might be more expensive than the ink, but they will give you the best prints. Investing in a laser toner will not put your money to waste because it will bring more advantages and benefit you the most. Just treat your printer and toner with the utmost care, and it will last longer than you imagine. Fortunately, the given essential tips will help you to run it now more quickly and smoothly.

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