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Review of HP LaserJet Pro MFP M227fdw

The LaserJet Pro range of HP is aimed squarely at the SMB office, putting the emphasis on reliability and speed. This premium multifunction copier can scan, print, copy and fax with precision in mono, but it won’t accept color cartridges. The printer has a 250-sheet paper capacity, it also has a speed of 30ppm. This MFP or multifunction printer is designed to maximize productivity, while convenient features like scanning to email, wireless connectivity and duplex printing for up to five users all make it easier to use and share. 

With a large paper drawer capable of holding 250 sheets of plain A4 paper, a scanner bed and a top-loading automatic document feeder or ADF, this MFP stands tall on a desk. The printer is  well made, it has various flaps and trays that are unlikely to snap off any time soon. 

Printed pages are deposited in the central connections and tray, which include the ubiquitous square USB port and an Ethernet port, are at the rear end. Thoughtfully, there is a USB port at the front for printing from a USB thumb drive, or saving a scan onto one. The fixed display of the copier is a touchscreen, which makes it very easier to use than the mono LCD panels found on your average printer. 

This is a classic four-in-one MFP, which means that it can scan, print, fax and copy, although that last feature is just a combination of printing and scanning. But it can do a lot more besides that. This device has both an Ethernet port and WiFi connectivity and an extra port for inserting a USB thumb drive. The upper paper tray of the copier is a 35-sheet ADF perfect for lining up scanning jobs. 

If you download the HP software, you can further configure the device to print directly from email, so you can send through print jobs while you are away. Note that you will need to set up an HP account to do this. The slick companion app also makes life easier because it allows you to easily print from or scan to your mobile device. You can also adjust the settings of the copier and ask it to clean the print head from your phone too. 

Getting the HP LaserJet Pro M227fdw set up and online always goes smoothly for users. It is a case of following the simple instruction manual until it is time to download the software to your Mac or PC. From here you can further configure and complete your product registration from the convenience of the keyboard on your computer, instead of relying on the printer’s own control panel. 

Everyday operation is certainly helped by the HP’s smooth scrolling intuitive interface and touchscreen interface. Printing and scanning are even easier if you are doing these tasks directly from your smartphone, thanks to the excellent companion app called the AiQ Remote. 

The M227fdw turns out to be a very fine copy print. Black text on plain paper looks amazing, even when it is flying out at a rate of 28 pages per minute. The printer has a delicate touch when you apply the toner, so it is a sign of its efficiency. In fact, HP reckons you will get 30,000 pages from one toner cartridge. 

Diagrams and printing images are also good, there are a lot of fine details and shading in black and white prints. of this copier is 1,200 x 1,200 dpi and even at this high quality, the prints of the copier emerge in seconds. Scanning is also good and the resolution is around 600 x 600 dpi and it is in full color. You can choose if you want the results to be PDF, TIFF, JPG or PNG file saved onto USB, or emailed directly to you. 

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