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How to Connect Copier to A Network?

Network or wireless printing presents lots of advantages. It provides freedom and room for multiple devices. Setting up and installation is also simple and allows users to print anywhere. 

Sharing copiers on a network is useful in reducing business costs. It also helps eliminate office chaos and maximizes the space. Instead of using too many copiers, we can settle in one.

Network copiers work by utilizing wireless networks. These networks can be linked to multiple devices like computers and mobile phones. This arrangement allows more users to access the copier and print wirelessly.   

How Do We Connect Our Copier to A Network? 

Connecting our copier to a computer can be done in various ways. If we are just using a single computer, connecting it through a USB is the easiest way. But linking it to multiple computers requires a wireless network. 

Networking a copier allows any user to print, fax and scan wirelessly. The process of connecting copier to a network involves the following steps:

  1. Check if the copier is turned off. If not, switch it off first. This will prevent unnecessary accidents from happening.  
  2. Use an Ethernet cable and link it to a LAN port. This port can be found on the control panel of the copier. Be careful in connecting them. 
  3. Check the other side of the Ethernet cable. Then connect it into one of the exposed ports found in the network switch. Make sure to place the copier near the port to secure a network connection. 
  4. Press on the button of the copier. Turn on the computer as well. Find the network and link it to the computer. 
  5. Proceed by installing the printer driver. The driver must be compatible with the machine. Specify the copier if necessary. 
  6. Search for the Control Panel and press the enter button. Afterward, find the Network and Sharing Center and open it. By clicking the copier’s name, we can eventually access the device on the network. 

We can apply the same steps provided above for different devices. We can network our smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, and many more. After completing all the steps, the devices are now linked to a single copier through a network. 

The networked copier can now be used from any linked device. We can print from anywhere, even without direct connectivity. Printing, scanning, and faxing can also be done simultaneously.  

What Are the Things to Keep in Mind when Connecting a Copier to A Network?

  • When connecting a copier to a network, see that the cable used is compatible with the machine. Using an inappropriate type of cable may lead to machine malfunction. Worse scenarios might lead to harmful accidents.  
  • Make sure that the copier’s and computer’s main power switch is turned off. Do this before disconnecting the cord from the power source. It will prevent electrical accidents from happening. 
  • Once the network cable is connected, set the required network settings.  
  • Be sure to install the necessary drivers. They must be compatible with what type of copier we are using. 
  • If we encounter troubles along the process, checking the manuals will be helpful. But if still not resolved, consult an IT expert for proper setting up guidance. 


Plenty of businesses and offices shift to using network copiers. It is because of the proven potential of these machines in managing their printing and copying requirements. Network copiers are far more efficient and economical than other printing machines. 

Another reason is the copier’s simplicity of set up and installation. The machine only requires a wireless network that will be linked to various devices. It allows any user access from any location whenever printing is needed.

Networking a copier also eliminates the need for more copiers. Expenses are lessened, but work productivity is increased. Switching to one is not a bad idea. 

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