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3 Best Features of Color Laser MFP 179fnw

As you may know, HP Color Laser MFP 179fnw is an entry-level colour laser printer with impressive features that are best suited for printing or copying documents. 

It’s actually one of the smallest and affordable printers in the category it belongs. This is why it’s highly demanding on small or big offices or anyone who works from home. But aside from this, what are other reasons that contribute to its fame? 

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Fast-speed Printing

Apart from its small size, it prints fast too. It has 18 ppm speed, and 150-page paper capacity backed up with security features that are also helpful in a shared working space. It’s also accessible because it’s easy to print via smartphone or wireless gadgets. 

While it scans quickly, the image quality has only a 600 dpi resolution. This means that photocopies or duplicates cannot be a mistake with the original. However, this model cannot handle heavy paper stock, considering it has small built, so it’s also essential to use it with inkjet papers. 

Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct are inherent, and the HP Color Laser MFP 179fnw is viable with AirPrint and Google Cloud Print for simple cell phone control. However, this model only has one paper plate, which irritates when you switch between headed notepaper or diverse paper sizes. This plate can deal with most sorts of media up to A4. However, it can’t adapt to card or envelopes sizes.

Four-in-one device

With this model, printing, scanning, copying, and faxing documents in black and white colour is not a problem.

It has a touchscreen and a keypad for setting up. Like other printers, have cursor buttons made much protected by your secret Wi-Fi key. It’s a little fiddly and took a few challenges. Most present-day printers enrolled your cell phone and a friend application to assist you with getting your new gadget onto your business or home. 

The application requests a secret phrase when making a Wi-Fi Direct association, and the default private key didn’t work for this situation. This may essentially be because our test was a formerly utilised unit. The packaged client manual is shockingly concise and is no assistance by any means in clarifying why our printer would not make a remote association. Fortunately, HP is one of a handful of the makers to incorporate an old-fashioned USB link in the case for simply such events.

Easy Setup and Operation 

It has a self-explanatory setup for along as you follow the manual. The HP Color Laser MFP 179fnw has a couple of irritating shortfalls in operation. It is significantly delayed to print the main page, while its LEDs flicker too brilliantly in backup and used. The plastic paper directs that hold distinctive paper sizes are hard to slide, and the printer doesn’t always identify when the form is stacked on the plate. 

The HP Color Laser MFP 179fnw produces pages of plain text with lovely freshness and coherence. Characters show up very much contained and clear cut even at the littlest point sizes. It’s not the quickest laser printer out there, but its speed is sensible and will be fast enough for most workplaces.

When you change to shading archives, things slow directly down to 4ppm, yet the pages look splendid and sharp. Be that as it may, there are a few soothing qualities at the edges of each shading block, while shading advances experience the ill effects of genuine banding.

Final Say

The HP Color Laser MFP 179fnw resembles a more minor, appealing four-in-one at a similarly alluring cost. It prints mono text records instantly and definitively as well. In any case, there are many weaknesses, the absence of auto-duplex being boss among them.

The shortfall of a front USB port and the powerlessness to print on envelopes mean something negative for it. Shading archives print gradually and look delicate and grainy. We tracked down the simple LCD interface, aggravating LEDs, pointless application, and client guide, all consolidated for a genuinely terrible client experience. The cost is appealing, yet be careful with making a bogus economy.

Printers have also progressed, and never again are they simply a gadget for you to print things from. You can involve them in examining, replicating, printing out top-notch photographs, and considerably more.

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