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5 Photocopier Hazards

Almost every home and offices own a photocopier for daily printing needs. Some of the employees are exposed to these machines for a long time. One should bear in mind that even these photocopiers are potentially dangerous machines. Copier leasing services in Nebraska is well known that they pose several threats which merit careful consideration. This is a list of photocopier hazards and ways to avoid them.

What are the known hazards of photocopiers?

  • Photocopiers emit ozone gas.

Ozone is emitted by high voltage equipment such as photocopiers, x-ray, and electric arc welding. In an office environment, it has a fifty percent life of six minutes. This gas is toxic and the number one health risk from photocopiers. The average concentration of ozone appears at 0.01 to 0.02 parts per million. The ozone is produced during the image transfer and photocopying process. The UV lamp also produces ozone.

  • Photocopiers create toner dust.

The toner of the photocopying machine creates dust that can lead to respiratory tract irritation. In vast quantities, the toner can cause coughing and sneezing. Asthma and bronchitis sufferers can also be irritated by this.

Some situations can accidentally expose someone to toner dust. The toner that spills into the machine will make fine dust inside the room by passing through a fan. A spillage may also occur when replacing the toner cartridge. Proper handling of toner is essential to avoid the risk of being exposed to these hazardous chemicals.

  • The presence of selenium and cadmium sulfide.

Selenium and cadmium sulfide are usually found in photocopiers. Small amounts of these can enter the air. Overheating of photocopiers can lead to selenium emission, which can cause sleeplessness, poor concentration, and irritated lips and eyes when inhaled. This can also cause upper respiratory health issues. In tests done, the resulting concentrations of these pollutants are minimal.

  • Carbon monoxide emission

The photocopier can emit carbon monoxide, a fatally colored, odorless, and poisonous gas when placed in a low-ventilated area. Carbon monoxide intoxication may cause headache, fatigue, difficulty of breathing, nausea, or drowsiness. Always put your photocopier in a well-ventilated room to prevent the emission of this harmful gas.

  • Light, heat, and noise irritation

It is advisable to consider possible discomfort from office copy machines. Typically, fluorescent and metal halide lamps are used in photocopiers. It has been demonstrated that photocopying does not merely cause eye damage. The UV light during the scanning and copying cannot penetrate the glass; however, it can be irritating when seen. 

Photocopiers also generate heat. Burns from hot components can happen when fixing the paper jam and clearing the feeder. The noise produced by a photocopier during the operation process may bother nearby workers. 

What are the symptoms associated with these hazards?

Usually, in photocopiers, the average concentration of ozone does not cause any symptoms to form. At levels of 0.25 ppm and above, this gas can irritate the eyes, respiratory tract, and nasal passages. Prolong exposure at a high ozone level is also known to damage the respiratory systems. Some believe that a 0.1 ppm ozone concentration may affect early aging and shortened life span. 

The other common signs associated with exposure to these hazardous chemicals are fatigue, breathlessness, dizziness, and temporary smell loss. Musculoskeletal discomfort is also present when operating the machines. Standing or sitting for long periods may lead to muscular fatigue.

What are the preventive measures to control the hazards of a photocopier?

You can prevent most of the hazards cited in this article by ensuring a well-ventilation in the area, especially around the photocopier. To avoid light exposure, permanently close the document cover during the copying and scanning process. Copier leasing services in Nebraska ensures that the photocopier best quality and condition. Proper maintenance of the machine is also vital. Likewise, be cautious when replacing and handling the toner.


Keeping a photocopier in good working condition to use occasionally will not impose so much harm. But using defective fixtures frequently or for long periods will irritate the eyes, throat, cause premature aging, and may lead to reproductive harm. To control the hazard, one must give appropriate ventilation and care.

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