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Print Artifacts Printer Rental and Photocopier Leasing

Most people these days work at home but those that don’t and can visit their offices from time to time can use the equipment right in the office. A copier is one of those tools. They are used to store, print, and make exact copies of important documents needed for the business. Some people might have heard of copier leasing services and they can be helpful to companies who are just starting and are planning a budget.

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Sometimes though, even when we’re done with the copier lease and we can now use it, some issues may sprout. Let’s talk about something that can happen to your printer at any given moment.

Ever printed a picture that didn’t quite come out right? 

You may have tried to print a high-resolution photo and the colors might seem wrong or there could be unnecessary patterns added to it. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Millions of people around the world have experienced this phenomenon and it is commonly known as “print artifacts”. It can happen to anyone. It can be with an owned printer or a company with a copier lease.

A print artifact is a collective term for irregular marks, patterns, blots, or unnecessary lines in a fine printed image.

There can be several reasons for this:

Printer Settings

Some printer settings may not agree with the intended quality of the image. This can cause the image to stretch, look pale or come out dotty. It can either be a wrong quality setting, incompatible paper size, or preferences. It may come as common sense to some but this is a common mistake especially in hectic work settings.

Solution: Check if the image in question is perfectly in line with the printer settings that you want. This ensures that the image will not go the way you don’t want to. If you’re unsure, check with a colleague who is well versed with image printing to get the best results.

Incompatible Paper Types

While most print artifacts come from incorrect settings or malfunctions in the printer itself, the paper used for printing can also be the source of the problem. Matte paper has no glossiness and can be incompatible with photos that showcase high lighting. On the other hand, it is perfect for old or black and white photos as the hard ink adds legitimacy. Glossy paper is better for pictures that need to highlight every single detail. It is better used for scrapbooks and wedding photos.  

If you’ve availed yourself of copier leasing services in Nebraska, the leasing company can certainly help you. If you have any questions on what kind of ink you need for your copier or what kind of paper is needed for a certain project they can certainly be of assistance.

Banding Issues

When your copier starts printing images with unnecessary vertical and horizontal lines this is called banding. It can even occur in disproportionate streaks or bands.

There are three types of banding issues:

Print Head Banding

This is caused by the inconsistency of print density between left-to-right passes and right-to-left passes. This error causes horizontal bands to appear on the image.

Solution: Some websites offer step-by-step instructions on how to fix this type of banding. This requires testing and conducting maintenance on your printer’s ink and roller capabilities. But if it can’t be fixed, it might be better to replace the entire machine instead.

Color Banding

This type of banding happens when your printer has insufficient capabilities to produce color shades.

Solution: This sort of banding may be caused by limitations in the copier model or unit. It is best to replace it or if your unit was obtained by copier leasing services, then you can just buy out and replace it with a better model.

Clogged Nozzle-induced Banding

As the name implies this banding type is caused by a blocked nozzle.

Solution: this is the easiest banding issue to fix as you can just unclog the nozzle with a small heated paper clip or a guitar string.

A printing artifact is a small inconvenience that can immediately turn into a large one if uninformed. Seek help or counsel before printing an image or do print checks to know if the printing quality is not compromised. Leasing companies can help you with issues like these with a simple Q&A.