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When It Comes to Cyber Security, Don’t Forget Your Printer

It’s inevitable. We are now in the new age of technology where most of us are accompanied by computers and technology in almost all aspects of our life. We can never separate ourselves from technology or even the internet. We have been bombarded and life can never be the same without the internet, for work, school, and even our social life are all dependent on the internet. But this privilege of having our lives get easier has its drawback. We cannot totally secure our data and our security has all been fragile because of the internet.  Not just that, even our office equipment is in danger of cyber intruders. We may not be that savvy on the word cyber or even the system of the deeper part of the internet but we may be sure that we want our equipment, devices, and accounts safe.

First and foremost, what is cyber security?

Cyber security is the protection of system connected to the internet and that includes hardware, software and data from cyber threats. This practice is commonly used by people or enterprises to protect their data and devices against unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized systems. Even if you are a small start-up business, it is important to make sure that the privacy of your data and hardware are protected. There are many types of cyber security you have to read about in order to put a tight protective security over your things in cyberspace.

But for most of the cases, we disregard and leave behind the printer in putting the cyber security they need. You must be aware that print devices can also be hacked, used for malicious purposes, and also serve as instruments for intruders and cyber attacks. Protecting your printer means putting the same precautions to it the same way you did to your computer and devices on your network.

Access and passwords

You would not want to have your default password to be very obvious such as the first 5 numbers or the first 6 alphabet letters, right? Your device can be very vulnerable to frequent attack when credentials are compromised. You can limit access to critical administrative functions by configuring the devices with Active Directory user authentication. It makes them a trusted network device and it gives you also the control over which devices can access whatever functions.

Network and Email Security

Most of the multifunction printers today come with an organization network. And most of them offer accessible network and cloud storage with only the permission of the button, as well as emailing documents directly from the control panel. If connections are hacked, then hackers can gain access to the whole network. This cannot be ignored for the MFP as the traffic source and correct security protocols must be implemented as soon as possible.

Don’t Forget the Hard Drive

One similarity a printer and a computer have is that they both have their own hard drives, and as we all know, hard drives contain sensitive data. Before disposing of a computer or giving it out, the majority knows that the hard drive needs to be wiped as clean as possible. The same should be done to a Multifunction printer’s hard drive. Scanned documents, user data and more information accumulated must be deleted permanently to secure safety if you decide to disown your MFP.

Get It All Under Control

Things will be much easier if you buy a device with a built-in security like data encryption, data overwrite, intrusion security features, encryption, built-in email security, auditing abilities, and many more. You can reduce the cyber attack in your office by taking this advice beforehand and applying it before buying a device or actually putting in cyber security on your current internet-connected machines.

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